Lúcia Antunes

Designer, scientific illustrator

Lúcia Antunes is a freelance Scientific Illustrator and Designer since 2009, creating work for scientific communication and also commercial pieces. Assistant teacher at the Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade de Lisboa.


From 24th of November to the 3rd of December 2021
Visible from 18.30h to 6.30h

The starting point for this work is the concept of geological fault, with a closer approach to some of the rocks typically found in the earth’s crust .
The objective is to oppose the large-scale vision of a geological fault – with a naturalistic graphic approach – to the vision of approximation of the elements which compose it.
Therefore, the rocks are drawn as geological fragments in the naturalistic approach of a field notebook, with the aim to explore and understand their construction of shapes and colors.
[As rochas são, portanto, desenhadas, como fragmentos geológicos numa abordagem naturalista de caderno de campo em que se procura entender a construção das formas e as cores das rochas de forma exploratória. ]

This exploration involves getting to know the material under study as part of the process of building a scientific illustration, whose aim is to know the shapes, proportions, colors, with both drawing and written annotations, which provide extra information about the models.

The rocks are the ones typically present on the Portuguese territory, divided into three types:
Magmatic (igneous) rocks – result of the solidification of magma on the surface or in depth, due to the drop in pressure or temperature: Basalt, Gabbro, Granite and Ryolite
Sedimentary rocks – formed by the deposition and consequent cementation or consolidation of mineral and organic fragments: Clay, Sandstone and Limestone
Metamorphic rocks – result of the transformation of an original rock, by the action of high temperature and pressure: Anthracite, Slate, Shale, Marble and Gneiss. *

More about Lúcia Antunes

(Master Degree in Scientific Illustration from the University of Évora and Institute of Higher Education and Science (ISEC). Master’s Degree thesis entitled “Guide to Bats of Portugal – mainland and islands”with the guidance of Professor Jorge Palmeirim (Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon) and Professor Pedro Salgado.
Degree in Communication Design from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon University.
Attended in 2009 and 2010 a course in scientific illustration at Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon University and at the Institute of Arts and Crafts (IAO – Autonomous University of Lisbon).

Best Fanzine – Fanzine Espaço Marginal nº1 (Lab:ACM), Festival Internacional de BD da Amadora, Illustration collaboration, Amadora, Portugal, 2014
Winner of the 1st Prize, Casa das Ciências, Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, Portugal, 2013
Winner of the Public award, Illustraciencia Internacional Contest, Barcelona, Spain, 2012
Winner of the People’s Choice Award, GNSI Annual Member’s Exhibit, Pei Ling Chan Gallery and Garden for the Arts, Savannah, Georgia, USA, 2012)

We spoke to Lúcia Antunes about the points of contact (and divergence) between her work as a scientific illustrator and as a designer. During the conversation, we also tried to understand the process behind a drawing that aims to be a study and not a photographic representation.
This conversation is only available in Portuguese.