Lúcia Antunes

The starting point for this work are fragments of the Earth’s crust.
It is a field notebook that studies several rocks (petrvs in Latin) that can be found in Portugal’s territory.
The aim is to know the shapes, proportions, and colors of the objects under study, using both drawing and written annotations. The notebook is a first approximation to these rocks, an important moment in the process of creating a scientific illustration.

From 24th of November to the 3rd of December 2021
Visible from 18.30h to 6.30h

2021 — 2022

Robert Allison

Digital Artist

Lúcia Antunes

Designer, Illustrator

Saphira Nancy

Illustrator, Animator, Performer

Tiago Miranda


FAULT / FALHA is a creative project that explores the fragmentation and discontinuity of space, discourse, culture, and community – everywhere in the world.

In geology, a fault is “a planar fracture or discontinuity in a volume of rock across which there has been signifi cant displacement as a result of rock-mass movements”. Friction and rigidity are key features of a fractured landscape, literally and metaphorically.

Globalization was a golden but broken promise of a seamless economy, of a cosmopolitan culture that would render nationalism obsolete and welcome a new digital and shared space for communication and justice.
The long history of capitalism and its political implications meant that the globalization project, in its late-20th century version, was riddled with inconsistencies and paradoxes.

On the one hand, the world’s economy has indeed become more tightly integrated via international supply chains, knowledge dissemination, urban development and the explosion of the digital universe. On the other, these same processes have generated unpredictable second and third-order eff ects that challenge, distort, condition, corrupt, prevent and sabotage the very idea of a sustainable and equitable planet.

We invited five distinguished artists to interpret and explore this theme.
Their work will be exhibited at our gallery in Lisbon between November 2021 and February 2022.