FAULT / FALHA is a thematic exploration of the fragmentation and discontinuity of space, discourse, culture, and community – everywhere in the world.

In geology, a fault is “a planar fracture or discontinuity in a volume of rock across which there has been significant displacement as a result of rock-mass movements”. Friction and rigidity are key features of a fractured landscape, literally and metaphorically.

Globalization was a golden but broken promise of a seamless economy, of a cosmopolitan culture that would render nationalism obsolete and welcome a new digital and shared space for communication and justice. The long history of capitalism and its political implications meant that the globalization project, in its late-20th century version, was riddled with inconsistencies and paradoxes.

On the one hand, the world’s economy has indeed become more tightly integrated via international supply chains, knowledge dissemination, urban development and the explosion of the digital universe. On the other, these same processes have generated unpredictable second and third-order effects that challenge, distort, condition, corrupt, prevent and sabotage the very idea of a sustainable and equitable planet.



The open call for creative projects ended on june 18th, 2021.

The selected artists are:

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